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Informational Interviews

Are you curious to know what kind of career paths exist in the space sector? There are so many! Scroll through the list below and watch a video that interest you. Think something is missing from the list? contact us and tell us what you think we should add. 

Space Law

Neta Palkovitz is a lawyer and legal adviser, specializing in space law and policy. Her work at Innovative Solutions In Space B.V. (ISIS) focuses on legal and regulatory matters relating to the launch and operation of small satellites.

Project Scientist

Jorge Vago is the 2020 Exomars mission Project Scientist working at European Space Agency's technical center in the Netherlands. He is the interface for the investigator communities interested in the ExoMars Program, as well as for other ESA activities embedded in the international Mars exploration context, such as the Mars Sample Return mission.

Campaign Coordinator

Dirk Schüttemeyer is a Campaign Coordinator with the European Space Agency (ESA). His job is connected with testing of instrumentation prototypes which will be used in future space missions and launched onboard satellites. 

Space Systems Engineer

Bryan de Goeij is the lead systems engineer for the development of instruments for ESA's satellites. These Earth Observation instruments are addressing issues like global climate change and air quality and as such contribute to society and science.


Anita Dawes is a Daphne Jackson Research Fellow at the Open University, working in the field of Astrochemistry. Using laboratory equipment, she reproduces ice which can be found in space in huge clouds of gas and dust.


Karen Olsson-Francis is a UK Space Agency Aurora fellow and University lecturer at The Open University. She is interested in studying life in extreme environments and understanding the limits of habitability. These environments are used as analogues for study potential habitable environments beyond the Earth.

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